Democracy Works Partnering with Anthropic

February 21, 2024
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Democracy Works is teaming up with Anthropic, a generative AI developer, to direct users to authoritative election information as part of Anthropic’s efforts to prevent the misuse of AI in political contexts. 

“Anthropic is consistently recognized for their work in building a responsible AI platform that invests heavily in trust and safety for its users. We are thrilled to partner with them in their efforts to support voters and expand Claude’s capabilities,” said Democracy Works CEO Luis Lozada.

This partnership, which was covered by The New York Times and Tech Crunch, will help ensure that generative AI users are safeguarded from mis-and-disinformation about voting and elections. If a US-based user asks Claude, Anthropic’s generative AI tool, for voting information, a pop-up will offer the user the option to be redirected to TurboVote, our election information platform. 

“The pop-up will roll out over the next few weeks and we intend to use the insights from our TurboVote redirect to roll out similar solutions in other countries and regions,” Anthropic announced. 

Democracy Works is committed to helping Americans vote by providing reliable, useful voting guidance through the sites, apps and groups they trust. Learn more about our approach to elections data and generative AI here

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