Democracy Works Releases New Version of Elections API

January 10, 2024
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This article was originally published on Democracy Works Elections Data

At Democracy Works, we help Americans vote by providing reliable, useful voting guidance through the sites, apps, and groups they trust. As part of our commitment to providing essential nonpartisan guidance on how to vote, register, and stay informed about crucial election dates and deadlines, we are excited to announce the launch of our updated Democracy Works Elections API.

In a time when access to accurate information is crucial, we’re innovating to ensure that every eligible voter has the knowledge and resources they need to cast their ballot. Our data covers thousands of elections each year, all the way down to the school board and sub-municipal level. This updated version of our API provides enhanced functionality, including expanded data, youth pre-registration instructions, and the ability to search for upcoming elections for a specific address, and ballot information is coming soon.

Now, we’re making this essential data more widely available to empower partner organizations to reach their audiences, increase their civic engagement efforts, and strengthen our democracy together. We're excited to work with a wide variety of partners and support developers building voter-facing tools in 2024.

Voters often face confusing, incomplete, and outdated content in our current information landscape–voting laws can change quickly and misinformation has proliferated online. It is critical that voters and groups providing voting guidance can rely on a trustworthy source of data to help them navigate this complexity.

Plus, voters are busy, and voting information can be complex and hard to find. We distill convoluted election procedures into clear guidance on how to register and vote. Our team of government affairs specialists, researchers, writers, and translators collaborate to ensure our voting guidance is accurate and precise in both English and Spanish.

The Democracy Works Elections API features election information from authoritative government sources with consistent updates to keep information current. We deploy a rigorous research process and quality assurance system to ensure our data is always accurate, comprehensive, and timely.

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