Democracy Works Releases 2022 Impact Report

May 10, 2023
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Our efforts at Democracy Works reach a lot of people. We impact election officials who need to share their trusted election data. We impact college campuses that are working to educate their students about civics. We impact companies who want to keep their employees engaged, in and out of the workplace. We even impact other non-profit organizations who utilize the data we compile.

Most importantly, we impact American voters. 

Everything we do is to provide voters with more trusted information, more resources to make voting easier, and more peace of mind in knowing their vote counts.

We’ve been around for more than a decade and have slowly but surely become one of the trusted voices in the election space. Our impact continues to grow each and every year.

We are excited to share our 2022 Impact Report. It shares a deeper look at the impact we were able to make last year as we continue to build on our positive momentum.

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