The #1 way voters find accurate, up-to-date voting information online.

Since 2008, the Voting Information Project (VIP) has partnered with election officials and harnessed the power of the internet to ensure voters receive their crucial polling place and ballot information. In 2020 alone, voters viewed VIP and other Democracy Works data 500 million times.

VIP powers our democracy.


Due to a lack of resources with vetted, up-to-date information, millions of voters don’t know when, where, or how to vote. The result? Disenfranchisement and low turnout.


VIP provides voters with the accurate, localized information to make casting a ballot easy and accessible, whether voting early, in-person, or by mail. All the crucial polling and ballot details live right where voters already are – online.

This is how VIP works.

Step 1. Election officials share information with VIP on where to vote and what’s on the ballot.

Step 2.
VIP publishes this information via Google’s Civic Information API, enabling voters to access their voting details through partners like Google,, and Rock the Vote.

Step 3.
Information is removed after the election and refreshed for the next election cycle.

Who uses VIP data?
  • Government entities like and the US Election Assistance Commission.
  • Nonprofits, including Rock the Vote, League of Women Voters, and, which use VIP data to build civic engagement tools.
  • Tech platforms such as Google Search and Microsoft Bing, along with other apps.
  • State and local election officials, who rely on VIP tools and data.
What makes VIP so special?
Accuracy and Timeliness

VIP ensures organizations and voters have access to accurate, localized voting data – how and where they need it.

Election Technology Expertise

VIP’s nonpartisan tools take the technological burden off election officials so they can focus on reaching voters.

Free for Election Offices

Election office participation is free and voluntary for every election, from local to national – no questions asked.


Internal QA and independent audits ensure VIP is a secure platform for all data.


VIP tools meet all standards for web and ADA compliance, ensuring accessibility for all.

VIP Resources

Voting Information Tool Product Sheet
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