The 2021 Impact Report is here!

July 7, 2022
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For Democracy Works, every year is an “on-year” when it comes to our elections. That’s why in 2021, we continued to do what we do best – helping America vote no matter what. By keeping elections big and small at the forefront, bolstering the strength of our tools, and amplifying official voting information throughout the year, Democracy Works helped millions of voters exercise their right to vote in our democracy.


Democracy Works will never waver in our commitment to help America vote – and 2021 was no exception. We fully activated our technology and partnerships to ensure that every voter had the information and support needed to make their voices heard in our elections. Here are a few highlights of what we achieved last year:

  • We sent 23.3 million personalized election notifications through TurboVote
  • We answered over 23,000 individual voter inquiries through our Help Desk
  • We covered 40.3% more elections compared to 2017 through our Voting Information Project
  • We saw a 2,226% increase in page views compared to 2019 of our How to Vote guides
  • We gave 6.5 million voters the ability to track their mail ballots through Ballot Scout

Want to learn more about the difference we made for voters and election administrators last year? Check out the 2021 Impact Report!


As a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, we’re committed to maximizing our impact and optimizing every gift that makes our work possible – and 2022 will be no exception. In 2022 and 2023, our work will be guided by three key principles: growth, renewal, and innovation.

Growth in the size, reach, and impact of our programs and tools will enable us to reach more voters, support more election administrators, and surface more official, trusted voting information.

Renewal of our technology and team will ensure that we remain a resilient and sustainable organization that voters, election administrators, and our partners can continue to rely on.

Innovation in our partnerships, tools, and programs to support voters will help us further streamline the voting process – even as barriers to the ballot intensify.

The work we’re doing now will ensure that Democracy Works is ready to power civic participation for years to come. Check out the Impact Report and join us for what’s next.

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