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Looking for a super impactful, remote-friendly role? Want to work alongside the civic tech sector’s top talent? At Democracy Works, we help millions of Americans vote by providing reliable, useful voting guidance through the sites, apps, and groups they trust.

We are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that partners with election officials across the country, tech platforms like Google and TikTok, nonprofits such as AARP and DoSomething, academic institutions like Princeton University and the University of Florida, and workplaces like Starbucks and Salesforce to help voters whenever and wherever they need it.

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Working here is seriously amazing.

92% of staff recommend Democracy Works as a great place to work.

Mission-Driven Work

Make a tangible, immediate impact on our democracy and the future of our country.


Remote-Friendly Approach

Work from anywhere in the US, whether in our DUMBO, Brooklyn office or in a different time zone altogether.


Competitive Salary & Benefits

We provide competitive compensation, healthcare, retirement plans, and perks.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

It’s the priority, from our hiring process, to our internal culture, to the voters we serve. For more, see our Equity Commitment.

Our hiring process

A successful organization starts with a thoughtful hiring process. At Democracy Works, we’re committed to treating candidates with respect, and we work hard to reduce or or eliminate bias in all elements of our hiring process. Our process was shaped with equity at its core and is regularly reevaluated to ensure that we’re supporting candidates of all identities and backgrounds. 

What you can expect from our hiring process:

Low lift applications without cover letters

Our application process will ask you to answer just a few questions about your interest and experience–you can skip the cover letter!

Limited educational requirements

We care about the skills and perspective you’ll bring to our team, and we recognize that there are many ways to build skills outside of an academic institution. We value bootcamps, workplace experience, and independent learning.

Practical exercises or work samples to help limit bias

For many of our roles, we’ll ask you to complete a practical exercise before or after your first interview. Practical exercises are evaluated anonymously–they help us evaluate all candidates more fairly, based on their skills alone.

Use of structured interviews

Our job descriptions capture the most important skills you’ll need to succeed at Democracy Works, and each interview touchpoint addresses a specific area of the job description. We interview to learn about your skills and experience, not for your ability to interview well. If your role isn’t one where you’ll be expected to answer questions on the fly, we’ll let you know how to prepare for each interview with a comprehensive list of discussion topics in advance of your interview. Depending on the role you apply for, you can expect to have 1-3 interviews. All of our interviews are conducted via Zoom.

Multiple perspectives, supported by unconscious bias training

Our comprehensive internal DEI education program includes workshops about the impact of unconscious bias as we evaluate others. We aim to support our interviewers as they evaluate the skills you’ll need to succeed in the role, not how well you get along. And, wherever possible, we ensure that each finalist has had the opportunity to interview with a diverse group of Democracy Works staff.

Above all, we prioritize clear communication with candidates. Whether or not you’ve moved forward in our process, you’ll hear from us directly.

Our benefits

At Democracy Works, we know that we can only help America vote with a strong, talented, and diverse team at our side! We believe that supporting our teammates — both in and out of the workplace — best positions us to increase voter access and turnout. Our benefits package was designed with equity in mind and represents our best efforts to support our diverse team

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