At Democracy Works, we believe voting should fit the way we live. 

And we want you to join us.


Democracy Works's main office is in the bustling Brooklyn, NY neighborhood of DUMBO—with stunning views and great neighbors. But with a remote-friendly approach, we work all over the US of A.

We aim to find the best potential employees who share our organizational values, so in addition to adapting our application process, we are also remote work-friendly. This allows us to find and employ the best possible candidates and guarantees we don’t miss out on someone great simply because of location.

To make sure our remote staff doesn’t feel isolated, we foster a culture that promotes inclusivity and is sensitive to the realities of working beyond Brooklyn.



Democracy Works is committed to diversity and inclusion in everything we do, and we aspire to have a team that represents those we serve.

We believe it's crucial to invest in a hiring process that includes underrepresented groups, including Latinx, Black, AAPI, and Indigenous candidates.

We have institutionalized practices to drive us toward this goal. Our first applicant exercise for most positions is an anonymized skill evaluation, which lets us get to know candidates by their work and reduce our implicit biases. We also work with institutions that serve and are staffed by underrepresented groups, which ensures we are building a stronger and more diverse applicant pool. And our staff reviews the latest research to inform new hiring processes across our organization.



We're not hiring at the moment, but stay tuned!

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