Serving voters.
Powering elections.

Building a better democracy.


Serving voters.
Powering elections.

Building a better democracy.




Voter participation in the U.S. is critically low. We use technology to make sure everyone can vote in every election.


TurboVote provides voters the information they need to register and vote easily. 

The TurboVote Challenge brings together some of the biggest brands in the country to help achieve 80 percent voter turnout in the U.S.


Data for elections


We provide data infrastructure for our democracy.


We collect and standardize election data, from polling locations to election deadlines, nationwide.

This information powers the tools you interact with every day, including Google and Facebook.

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Supporting Election Officials


Election officials are on the forefront of the voting experience. We build, scale, and share election technology with them.

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We work with election officials to build new tools and share technology, as well as best practices, so they can best serve their voters.

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