TurboVote Release Notes – April 2022

April 12, 2022
min read

Release notes highlight our most recent product improvements and fixes, so that our partners stay informed about what’s new in TurboVote.


Today, we are excited to share a few improvements to the Dashboard section of the Admin Console that partners rely on to gain insight on the impact of their efforts.

What’s changing?

We’ve added a number of new aggregate breakdowns to the Admin Dashboard, including:

Total TurboVote Signups

  • Active Users by State
  • Count of Mailings Subscribers
  • TurboVote Signups by Month
  • Cumulative Signups by Month
  • TurboVote Signups by Referral Code
  • Active Users by Referral Code
  • TurboVote Signups by Hostname
  • Active Users by Hostname

Existing Dashboard data fields, including Requested Registration Assistance, Voting Method breakdowns, and Subscription Type breakdowns will continue to appear on the new Dashboard.

Partners can now filter information in all of the tiles by date, hostname (for partners with multiple TurboVote sites), and/or state.

Lastly, partners can download the results of each of the Dashboard fields in a Comma-separated Values (CSV) file, enabling them to build out their own data visualizations and reports.

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