TurboVote is a digital tool that powers greater voter access and expands participation in our elections.

TurboVote helps America vote in all 50 states and D.C. by providing lifelong voter support across elections – local through national. Since 2012, hundreds of campuses, brands, and nonprofits have partnered with TurboVote to support over 14 million voters – and that number is growing.

TurboVote helps people vote. Period.


Confusing bureaucratic processes, lack of access to up-to-date information, and minimal media coverage for local elections: all that adds up to low voter turnout.


With registration assistance, mail-in ballot assistance, election reminders, and a personalized help desk, TurboVote gives voters the information, tools, and reminders they need to successfully cast their ballots.

Benefits for Voters

Registration Assistance

TurboVote connects voters to their state’s online voter registration system, and can even fill out a paper registration form for a voter to print and mail.

Election Reminders

Never miss an election again – available in English and Spanish, voters can opt into text or email notifications about upcoming elections.

Mail Ballot Request Assistance

TurboVote eliminates the guesswork of the mail-in voting process by guiding voters on how to request a mail-in ballot in their state.

Help Desk

Voters can reply to any TurboVote notification to connect with our team, which provides one-on-one support in both English and Spanish.

How TurboVote Works

Voter Registration Help

Whether registering online or by mail, TurboVote easily guides voters through their state’s process.

Election Reminders

Voters can opt in to text or email notifications to prepare for and remember upcoming elections.

Check Registration Status

In under two minutes, voters can confirm or update their registration status at their current address.

Youth Preregistration

Fifteen- to 17-year-olds can register to vote as soon as they're eligible in their state.

TurboVote Mailings

Partners can send physical mailings, including a pre-filled registration form and/or a mail ballot request form.

Help Desk

Voters can easily connect with our team for one-on-one support in English or Spanish.

Who does TurboVote support?

Thanks to our partnerships with over 300 campuses, brands, and nonprofits, TurboVote has driven voter access and participation in all 50 states and D.C. for over a decade. Here’s a snapshot of our 14 million lifetime users.

4.4 million
young voters (ages 18-34)
3.1 million
voters of color
4.7 million
women voters

TurboVote Partner Benefits

Co-branded Site

All partners receive a co-branded site featuring their logo, unique URL, and customizable text to share with their communities.


With access to real-time data, partners can track their impact and identify their most effective engagement strategies.

Program Support

Our team provides one-on-one support to help partners implement best practices and maximize their impact.

Voter File Match

For federal elections, TurboVote runs a voter file analysis for partners to confirm how many of their users registered and voted.

Get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you! If you want to learn more about partnering with TurboVote, please reach out to partnerships@democracy.works.

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