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By entering their home state, voters can learn crucial voting information.
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How to Vote amplifies information to boost voter participation.


Lack of vital information, voter confusion, and convoluted processes are major drivers of low voter turnout. Millions of Americans may not vote simply because they don’t understand the often-complicated registration and voting process.


Talk about a game-changer: How to Vote is a centralized, comprehensive resource for all voters to learn when an election is happening, review their state’s voting rules, and easily connect to their state’s registration and ballot request portals.

Features for Voters

Voting Assistance

How to Vote provides users their state’s registration options, along with key deadlines in the voting process.

Guidance for Unique Circumstances

How to Vote offers pointed guidance for overseas voters, those voting with disabilities, formerly incarcerated voters, and others.

Nationwide Coverage

Users can rely on How to Vote’s information in all 50 states and D.C., even if they move during an election cycle.

Help Desk

Offering support in both English and Spanish, our team offers personal support and timely answers to all voting questions.

This is how it works.

Available in English and Spanish, with no sign-in required, How to Vote prompts users to select their state and whether they’re looking to register or to cast their ballot.

how to REGISTEr

Users are automatically connected to their state’s registration page, where they’ll learn their state’s rules and how to register.

how to vote

Users are directed to their state’s voting portal, where they can find their polling location or explore alternative ways to vote.

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