How to Register and Vote

These guides provide a summary of voter registration and voting rules for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Ever wondered if your state offers online voter registration? Needed to know how to request a ballot by mail? We’ve got you covered. Powered by the Democracy Works API.

How to Register

Registering to vote doesn’t have to be hard! The How to Register guides help voters review all their options, from online registration to in-person options, tailored to every state’s unique rules and processes. And if after reviewing all your options, you still want step-by-step help, there’s always TurboVote.

How to Vote

Voting isn’t just going to the polls on Election Day anymore. Options like early voting, mail voting, and more are available to more voters – and are growing in popularity. Our How to Vote guides help voters understand what options their state offers for casting a ballot and helps every voter choose when and where to vote.