Sara J. Martinez

Software Developer

Sara serves as a Democracy Works Software Developer. As the founding member of our remote office in Virginia, she works primarily on Ballot Scout because she finds it important to improve accessibility of information. Sara came to web development from a career in journalism, where she made news come to life online, working on internal tools, special projects, advertisements, and the site CMS for a large online magazine with more than 1 million daily users. Then she worked at a startup in the transportation/logistics industry working on a CRM and workflow management tools. She earned her bachelor of arts in journalism and Spanish from Marquette University, master of science in journalism from Northwestern University, and went to the software engineering bootcamp at Hackbright Academy. She is an avid Chicago fan, loving both the White Sox and Bears! Sara, her husband Tim, and dog Chewie enjoy going on walks, watching lots of TV, and running half marathons.