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Flaxman’s goal is to bring voting information and inspiration into the channels people already use. His organization supplied the data to Google and Facebook to answer “where do I vote?” — a question people asked 123 million times last year. Colleges offer the TurboVote app alongside class registration. And Starbucks featured TurboVote on the side of millions of coffee cups.

Increasing Voter Turnout for 2018 and Beyond
June 2017



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[...] one nonprofit is underlining the critical importance of participation earlier on—specifically, in the voting process—and they are getting the transformative philanthropic support to help move their mission forward.

Knight Foundation and Democracy Works
Join Forces to Modernize Democratic Process

September 2017







Whether the spectacle of this year’s presidential election will result in record voter turnout come November is yet to be seen. But with get-out-the-vote efforts like the TurboVote Challenge, many voters—both young and old—have more resources on their side to help them navigate our country’s muddy democratic waters.

Simplifying Democracy: Making Voting as Easy as American Pie
March 2016