Ensuring the successful delivery and return of election mail.

A collaborative effort of Democracy Works and Democracy Fund, ElectionMail.org helps election officials identify and report issues directly to the USPS. Since 2016, we’ve strengthened the mail-in voting process in 41 states.
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ElectionMail.org identifies and solves voting mail issues.


As mail-in voting becomes an increasingly popular way to vote, election officials lack the resources and infrastructure to report and resolve issues that arise. That means millions of Americans risk failing to have their vote counted.


ElectionMail.org serves as a connector between election officials and the USPS, helping them report and resolve any mail-in voting issues, and ensuring all voters successfully cast their ballot.

How does ElectionMail.org work?
  • If a voting issue arises, election administrators file a report on ElectionMail.org.
  • The report is sent directly to USPS, which works to resolve the issue via its internal tracking system.
  • ElectionMail.org streamlines the reporting process and acts as a liaison between the election official and the USPS until the issue is resolved.

Features for Election Officials

Mail Ballot Issue Reporting

Whether an issue arises with a voter, a vendor, an election official, or the USPS, ElectionMail.org ensures effective communication and timely solutions.

Other Election Mail Reporting

Even beyond ballots, election officials can rely on ElectionMail to report and resolve other issues, from delivery delays, to damaged mail, and beyond.

Election Mail Resources

ElectionMail.org is also a resource center, helping election administrators learn how to spot common election mail issues.

Help Desk

Our team provides election administrators year-round support in escalating election mail issues at the local, state, and federal levels.

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