Election Notifications

What are election notifications?

 Election notifications are timely text and email messages that provide voters with personalized information about upcoming elections. These messages contain official information in an easy-to-read format, delivered just when voters need it.

The service provides two standard messages:

  • “Upcoming Election” message

    • Sent to voters 5 days before the voter registration deadline or 30 days before the election, whichever is earlier

    • Contains basic information about the election, including:

      • Election Name

      • Election Date

      • Voter registration deadlines and information

      • Available voting options, deadlines, & links to more info

      • Local election office contact information

  • “Election Day is Tomorrow” message

    • Sent to voters the day before election day

    • Contains information about election-day voting, including:

      • The voter’s polling place, with map where possible

      • Any voter ID requirements

      • Local election office contact information

Voters also receive a brief signup confirmation message when they opt-in to the service and an unsubscribe confirmation if they unsubscribe. Further messages can be configured upon request.

Who receives election notifications?

  • Notifications are available to all voters, but are only delivered to voters who opt-in to receive the service. These messages are fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

  • Voters who have signed up to receive notifications may unsubscribe at any time.

How do voters sign up?

  • Democracy Works will provide a basic, customizable signup widget that can be embedded on appropriate websites (county election authority websites, state web properties, etc.) using an iframe.

  • States can also provide an opt-in checkbox on the state voter registration portal.

What else is included?

  • Basic customization for the voter-facing widget

  • Technical assistance with implementation

  • A fully staffed Help Desk to provide responses to email and SMS replies from voters

  • English & Spanish options (other languages available if translations can be provided)

  • Reports about usage and unsubscribe rates