Carmen Hicks

product Manager, voter engagement

Carmen grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City but has been living in the Boston area for over a decade, where she currently works remotely. After working for Democracy Works as the Research and Operations Lead from 2015 to 2017, she rejoined the family in August of 2018 as Product Manager on the Voter Engagement Team. Carmen holds a BA in Political Science from Boston University and an MPP from the Brandeis Heller School of Social Policy and Management. Prior to her first stint at Democracy Works, she was a Presidential Management Fellow at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, working as a Policy Analyst in Washington, D.C. In her spare time, Carmen loves exploring the areas around her cabin in Maine, traveling around the world with her husband, cuddling with her kitten Toby and puppy Josie, playing softball competitively, and playing as a full-time company violinist for the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra.