A revamped TurboVote Toolkit for 2018

By Sara Clark, Senior Partnerships Associate, TurboVote

As we gear up for this midterm election year, the TurboVote higher education implementation team took some time over the last few months to completely revamp the TurboVote Toolkit.

What’s the TurboVote Toolkit, you ask? The TurboVote Toolkit is our encyclopedia of best practices for implementing TurboVote on college campuses. Within its pages you’ll find a range of strategies for engaging students with the tool as well as success stories from some of our top-performing partners.

So what’s new?

An intuitive layout and action-oriented sections
We’ve taken our toolkit of yesterday and revamped it with a sleek new interface. You’ll see lots of whitespace, links, and images designed to help you find the information you need easily.
Additionally, we’ve organized its contents into five clear sections, which guide a campus implementer through the process of institutionalizing TurboVote on campus.

On the far left in Get started are the go-to pages for new implementers who are ready to introduce a campus to TurboVote (hint: we do love a good mass email dedicated to voter engagement). 

Then, Place online takes things to the next level by describing our strategies for incorporating TurboVote into high-traffic campus websites and portals, the virtual environments where the tool shines best. 

Next, we offer tips to ensure the longevity of your voter engagement efforts on campus and give a face to TurboVote for students in Build a program and Promote in-person.

Finally, we end with a panoply of Resources to cover all sorts of administrative loose ends, from FAQs and social media basics to a list of other organizations in the higher education civic engagement space.

Three case studies about TurboVote & pre-semester online processes
You may remember hearing about our best strategy from 2017: incorporating TurboVote into a mandatory pre-semester process that takes place online via a platform like PeopleSoft. We are big fans of this strategy because it’s low-maintenance and gets huge results (more than 4,000 signups at The University of Chicago last fall through this avenue alone!).

Now you can read all about how three TurboVote partners—the Harvard Institute of Politics, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and The University of Chicago—made it happen with case studies on the new Pre-semester processes page of the toolkit. These are great resources as you plan to do a similar implementation at your school or want to make the case to campus stakeholders.

A guide to TurboVote mailings
But that’s not all! Have you ever wanted to explain TurboVote’s mailings to a student or colleague and wish you’d had a visual? The new Mailings info page of the toolkit offers just that. Simply point folks to this page—filled with crisp graphics and easy explanations—to show them what’ll happen after selecting “I like getting mail” during the final step of a TurboVote signup. 

A suite of grab-n-go posters and graphics
Finally, our graphic designer created a beautiful array of promotional TurboVote materials—from posters to palm cards and computer cards. Now, a preview of the designs lives within the toolkit on our new Posters and graphics page. Head there to take a look and then shoot us an email at partnerships@turbovote.org if you’d like access to the files.

Have an idea to make the TurboVote Toolkit even better?
We hope you find the redesigned toolkit helpful as you plan for 2018 and train others on campus. If there’s any piece of TurboVote information or a how-to guide you find missing, please let us know! We’d love to make this resource as comprehensive as possible.

Brandon Naylor