SPOTLIGHT: National Voter Registration Day with our corporate and nonprofit partners

By Jill Brownfield, Partner Support Lead, TurboVote

If variety is the spice of life, then TurboVote partners are living it up. On National Voter Registration Day this year (September 26), our partners went above and beyond with their unique approaches to engagement and—in turn—impact.

Across all partner pages, we added nearly 10,000 new TurboVote users on NVRD! Approximately 70 percent of our traffic was mobile, while the rest was desktop/tablet based. We served users from all 50 states and DC, and the states with the most new users were CA, NY, MD, and OH. 

Here, we’ll highlight some of our favorite examples of partner implementations from that day. You can see even more of them by checking out our retweets on Twitter! While you’re there, won’t you share this blog post?

We’ll start with a TurboVote Partnerships team member cameo! Mike Ward, the Director of TurboVote Programs, hit the front page of Twitch on Tuesday and walked through a TurboVote signup LIVE! He’s wearing the VOTER shirt featured in Boost Mobile’s 2016 “Boost Your Voice” campaign (because we love feeding two birds with one hand).

Twitch is one of our newest partners, and we’re very excited about working in the video gaming space. We’ll have a more in-depth look at this implementation to share soon, but for now, take a look at Mike spreading the word of voter registration on NVRD! Shout out to Brian Petrocelli from Twitch and Steve Place from Corillian for their huge roles in making this implementation a reality.

Next up, we want to highlight Foursquare Swarm’s awesome in-app calls to action! Users were reminded to make their voices count by registering to vote, and were then encouraged to share out that they registered. 

Social Works Chi turned to social to make a big splash on NVRD, and even got their co-founder Chance the Rapper in on the fun! Social sharing is a great way to amplify your impact and reach, especially on days like National Voter Registration Day, and SWC nailed it!

VICE Impact used their homepage to highlight the importance of registering to vote on NVRD! They continue to use their TurboVote partner site as a call to action for much of their content, and have more engagement work planned for 2018! 

Defend Our Future also used social media to reach their audience, and used posts on Instagram to count down the days to NVRD! Here is their day-of post, featuring a graphic from NVRD’s team.

Many of our partners took to Twitter for NVRD implementations. We co-hosted a Twitter chat with Presence on September 26 and participated in Young Invincibles’ #MillennialMon chat the day before. Both were able to bring together diverse organizations, answering common questions voters have. These are great examples of implementations partners used to reach voters where they are and we couldn't be more proud of their success!

We’re so happy to highlight the great work of our partners. We wouldn’t be able to make voting fit the way you live without them. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please reach out to for more information!

Jill Brownfield