TurboVote Tech Update

By Magda Kura

Summer is finally here! Instead of taking a break, our team has been busy creating serious feature updates.
What’s new?

  • At the beginning of the year, we released a new admin dashboard to give you a snapshot of your voter engagement data. Snapshots provide great insights, but what if you need to filter for a particular date range to quickly measure the success of specific campaigns? You can now narrow down your stats with a handy date filter:

  • Have you ever wanted users to opt into additional communications from your organization, or sign up to volunteer as they register for TurboVote? You can now do that with our customizable check box!

  • Some election clerks ask for very specific formatting on students’ voter registration forms, and students often ask us if they can register using their residence hall address. To bridge this gap, we’ve developed a tool to help. Students who wish to register to vote using an on-campus address are now able to select their housing option from a dropdown menu and the address will populate automatically. This will lead to fewer mistakes, smoother processing at the election clerk’s office, and more successfully-registered student voters! Let us know if your campus would like to take advantage of this tool.

If you're a current TurboVote partner and would like more information about these new features, contact partnerships@turbovote.org.
So, what’s next?
More usability testing! With our summer associates available to help, we hope to conduct several new site tests with partners in the New York City area. Please let us know if your organization is interested in holding a usability test! Usability testing is a simple 15-minute walkthrough of our product with users. Typically, during a test, participants will complete the TurboVote signup process while we watch, listen, and take notes.
As always, a huge thanks to our engineering and research teams for helping us serve hundreds of thousands of voters with election reminders, advising them of the local elections happening across the country this year. 
Have feedback or want to see your suggestion on this list? Send a note to partnerships@turbovote.org.

Brandon Naylor