TurboVote Tech Update

By Magda Kura

Hi there! I’m Magda, the product director of TurboVote, and I wanted to share some exciting TurboVote technology news with you. 

The TurboVote team started the year strong with a series of in-person usability studies in Philadelphia, New York, and San Rafael. Usability testing is employed in user-centric design to see how one might interact with a website. In general, participants described the TurboVote website as “straightforward,” “concise,” and “simple.” We also learned that users don’t mind receiving election information by email or text, even if the messages are frequent. Shoutout to St. Joseph’s College - Brooklyn, Dominican University of California, and People’s Emergency Center for helping us make this happen!  

We are committed to serving all elections from local to national levels, which means thousands of voters will be equipped with the information they need to participate in our democratic process. That is why we’re always trying to make TurboVote better. Here’s what we launched in the first quarter of 2017:

What’s new?

  • A new dashboard! Now, you can celebrate your voter engagement success with a snapshot of real-time data every time you log in to your Admin Console. We know how valuable this dashboard is to our partners, which is why it’s a top priority.
The new Admin Console!

The new Admin Console!

Hovering over a question mark now produces helpful popups.

Hovering over a question mark now produces helpful popups.

  • We’re now supporting final signup page customizations. Our TurboVote 2.0 platform offers many customizations, allowing you to incorporate your organization’s brand and voice into your voter engagement initiative.
Global Citizen's customized done page.

Global Citizen's customized done page.

Our dedicated engineering team is also working to make our technology faster, and easier to maintain and scale. Their work will not always be visible to you, but it will make our platform better, smoother, and more reliable for years to come. 

What’s improved?

  • We’ve improved export efficiency. In the past, you might see your export loading…and...it...would...take...a while to load. That was annoying, so we fixed it. To help you interpret the data, we also added the Partner Export Key for download within the export tab of the Admin Console.
  • We cleaned up how TurboVote displays deadlines for voters who have multiple upcoming elections. We know our old handling was confusing for some voters in California specifically.

So, what’s next?
Among other exciting things, the TurboVote team is committed to building the campus address lookup tool, which will allow our implementers in higher education to create, update, and delete on-campus housing options from within the Admin Console. That way, when students wish to register to vote using an on-campus address, they will be able to select their housing option from a dropdown menu and input the address you saved within the Console, leading to less mistakes and smoother processing at the clerk’s office!

Have feedback or want to see your suggestion on this list? Send us a note to info@turbovote.org.

Brandon Naylor