That time voter registration in 2016 was bigger than Adele.

I hope you had a restful holiday season and are ready to jump into 2016 full force! For any new implementers out there, let me introduce myself. My name is Brandon Naylor and I am the director of communications for Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote. I will be writing to you every so often to check in and share information from our partnerships team that might make your TurboVote implementation go even better than planned. I’ll give you tips and tools, tell you what other partners are doing to bolster their implementation efforts, remind you of important deadlines, and most importantly, give you updated national leaderboards! I hope to see your institution’s name on there before too long.

2016 looks to be a monumental year for TurboVote. Building off your efforts from 2015, in a non-presidential election year, I think we may be set for our biggest year yet for voter registration. If that goal is going to become a reality, we’re going to need your help. In a presidential election year, without an incumbent on the ballot, interest is high and we have a tremendous opportunity to civically engage your campus.

Planning for the year
With all that’s going on around us, we usually only have the capacity to think a few weeks ahead at a time. This year should be an exception. Now is not only the time to start planning what the rest of this semester looks like for voter engagement, but what efforts you can plan over the summer, as well as how you plan to begin your efforts in the fall. We have put together a Voter Engagement Toolkit, which includes a helpful section on how to plan your year, including a worksheet, important milestones, and strategies you can employ. And remember, our partnerships team is always ready to discuss strategy or answer any questions you might have. Just send an email to

Meet Jill, Emily, and Andrew!
To better serve all of our partners with implementation, there are some new faces joining the partnerships team. Jill Brownfield and Emily Giffin will be joining Matt Tharp to complete our TurboVote Partnerships Support Team. In addition, Andrew Snyder will be joining the team as our TurboVote Outreach lead. If you happen to be on a conference call together, be sure to welcome them!

Jill Brownfield is our new TurboVote partner support lead working remotely from California, though she’s a native Floridian. She will be coordinating with college and university partners to find ways to more fully engage their students in the voting process. She’s a rugby player, an avid Cubs fan, and when had the question put to her, did not hold the belief that a hot dog is technically a sandwich.

Emily Giffin, originally from Dallas, TX, has joined our Brooklyn office as a partnerships associate. A strategic communications graduate of the University of Missouri, Emily loves to go to the movies, eat delicious food she’s incapable of preparing herself, and explore New York City like a tourist. With Democracy Works, she will spend most of her time working with the partnerships team to provide our college and university partners with the best possible support. She’s especially interested to work on voter engagement strategy in a presidential election year and excited for what lies beyond.

Andrew Snyder is the campus outreach lead for the TurboVote partnerships team. He grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts - or as you probably [may not] know it, the birthplace of America, breathing the fresh air of the American Revolution. This likely inspired his love of democracy, politics, and voting.  He recently returned to the Northeast to attain a master's in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government after a long sojourn to the frozen prairies of Minnesota, where he worked in political communications and majored in ice sculpture at Carleton College. He is an insufferable Patriots fan and proud of it.

Our new team members will be answering, so feel free to drop them a line with any questions or comments you might have about TurboVote. You can also expect to hear from Jill and Emily in the coming weeks as they work with you to plan the 2016 year with TurboVote!

Every month, I will share with you a running tally of how many voters have been registered by the top schools since the beginning of 2016. While this always serves as an indicator of where your school or university falls in the grand scheme, I think it’s more useful as a competition. See an interstate rival on the list and think you can beat ‘em? Contact their student government or administration and see if you can work out a public challenge. After all, democracy is the ultimate beneficiary of signing up even more voters (though seeing your school’s name climb the standings is pretty satisfying, too!).

  1. Palm Beach State College - 92
  2. Stanford University - 48
  3. Miami Dade College - 42
  4. St. Petersburg College - 42
  5. Polk State College - 38
  6. UNC Charlotte - 32
  7. William Paterson University - 25
  8. The University of Chicago - 24
  9. Illinois State University - 18
  10. University of Central Florida - 18

Don’t see your college or university’s name? Email to see how you can make a big splash at the start of 2016 and you’ll be in the Top 10 in no time!

Thank you all again and we’ll see you next month.

Brandon Naylor
Director of Communications
Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote

Brandon Naylor