It's the (other) most wonderful time of the year!

Autumn’s arrival tends to bring to mind images of changing leaves, excitement about early-season football, or the arrival of pumpkin-spiced everything. But at Democracy Works, the start of fall means only one thing: IT’S VOTER ENGAGEMENT SEASON!

National Voter Registration Day (NVRD)
We’re always glad when NVRD comes around—it’s a big holiday for us civic engagement nerds, and we’ll take any excuse we can to bust out bow ties to celebrate (even if it’s hard to get the team to sit still long enough for a photo).

This is the fourth-ever NVRD, but this one’s a little more special. As it turns out, NVRD has become such a big deal that even the White House is getting on board. If you’d like to join us, the White House, and thousands of other civic organizations across the country, you can download some National Voter Registration Day swag and send your friends and family to register (or update their voter registrations) at TurboVote.

Voter Engagement Toolkit
In preparation for voting season, the partnerships team has been working on a Voter Engagement Toolkit all summer, and the first version is now ready for you to take a look! We compiled the toolkit for our partners to serve as a resource for how best to implement TurboVote on campuses and convert their students into lifelong voters. 

We’ve released the toolkit in both online and PDF formats. You can download the PDF version and print it, but the online version is accessible, too, in case you’re on your smartphone. However you choose to view it, we hope you’ll take a look and enjoy the information, as well as the case studies of previous implementations. This really was a labor of love and getting to read some of our favorite success stories helped remind us why we love doing what we do. 

We would like to thank all of the partners who have shared information with us specifically for the toolkit, but also generally over the years. It is a community of passionate, talented, altruistic people and they are all amazing in our eyes.

Staff Updates
We’re hiring again! In preparation for a big 2016, we’re looking for a campus outreach lead to bring TurboVote to ever more colleges and universities, as well as two partnerships associates to help our partners maximize their civic impact. Please send them out to the most talented individuals (and/or dynamic duos) you know. 

Since our last update, we’ve welcomed another new senior developer, Daniel Glauser, to our Denver team. After years of writing software and exploring rivers across the country, Daniel settled in Colorado, where he could pursue both. An active member of the local tech scene, Daniel has given numerous presentations on programming languages, architecture, and design, and helped others improve their coding skills (or even break into programming) through the Den of Clojure for the past five years. Daniel has worked on large-scale websites, scalable backend systems, computer vision and machine learning, and numerous other projects. He's been a friend of Democracy Works since the early days, and is really happy to become a card-carrying member of the team.

Until next time
Be sure to #CelebrateNVRD with some fall leaves, football, and pumpkin spice flavoring. Or bow ties, or however it is that you celebrate democracy.

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