How do you get 950 students registered in one day?

Happy October, everyone! There’s plenty of news to share, so let’s get straight to it.

Partner Spotlight: University of Virginia
We recently told you about Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and their efforts to register as many students as possible in one day. They blew us away with over 800 registrations. The University of Virginia, a TurboVote partner since 2013, must have taken that challenge to heart. With one email, they managed to register 950 students in one day! The text of that simple, but effective, email was: 

“The University of Virginia supports students taking responsibility to be engaged community members in addition to excelling academically. To that end, I am writing to provide students who are U.S. citizens with information and materials to vote in every election from local to presidential.

When you sign up at, you will be able to do the following:
Register to vote
Stay registered to vote if you move
Vote absentee
Get reminders about every local, state, and federal election

Whether you vote in Virginia or another state, you are encouraged to take advantage of this resource. Spending a few minutes now will make the voting process easier in the future.”

This just goes to show that your voter outreach doesn’t need to be too complex to achieve impressive results. What can you do to top 950 registered users in one day? Keep up the good work!

IT Grant
TurboVote is always searching for ways to make our online tools better and now you can help do just that. We cordially invite you to join us in our investigation to discover how IT integration of voter registration tools for students can best be integrated on campuses across the country.  Whatever your campus situation, the results of everyone’s experiences with IT integration and voter registration tools for the institutional community will culminate in a more complete picture of what can be done, what might be done, and with what limitations. Through these practices,  colleges and universities have the power to promote civic engagement as a lifelong practice. We think that’s important, and hope you do, too. So, please consider joining us today. The total time commitment for our partners is expected to be around 25 hours and a $1,000 grant will be awarded. If your institution is interested in participating, please have your potential project leader fill out this brief survey as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to email We think this is a really exciting opportunity and we hope you’ll consider participating.

You might’ve noticed a few shakeups. Thanks to their impressive one-day signup, UVA has moved into 1st Place while other Top 25 schools continue to add to their count, like Montclair State University, who added 245 registered voters since last week. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Leaderboard, Total Sign-ups, Oct. 8:

  1. The University of Virginia - 1204
  2. SUNY Geneseo - 1192
  3. California Polytechnic State University - 1115
  4. Montclair State University - 966
  5. Ivy Tech Community College - 867
  6. Boston College - 785
  7. Brigham Young University - 771
  8. Kutztown University - 636
  9. The University of Chicago - 631
  10. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University - 614
  11. St. Petersburg College - 563
  12. Case Western Reserve University - 552
  13. West Chester University - 503
  14. Virginia Tech - 497
  15. Boise State University - 462
  16. The Associated Students of Michigan State University - 455
  17. DePaul University - 432
  18. Macomb Community College - 395
  19. Polk State College - 366
  20. James Madison University - 365
  21. Lone Star College - 345
  22. The College of William & Mary - 344
  23. Broward College - 342
  24. Elon University - 338
  25. Miami Dade College - 320

From me and the TurboVote partnerships team, thanks to everyone for all your really outstanding outreach efforts. We love watching these impressive registration numbers grow each week. Keep at it and I’ll talk to you next week!

Brandon Naylor
Director of Communications
Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote

Brandon Naylor