We've expanded the leaderboard to the Top 50!

Surely, at this time of year, your brain is preoccupied by preparation for midterms and anticipation of turkey with stuffing, but at TurboVote, we’re thinking about elections that are just around the corner. And seeing the registration numbers you are putting up on campuses all over the country, I’m very excited to see what sort of engagement you have planned for the next few weeks.

A Reminder About...Reminders
In case you needed some perspective for just how close the election is, we’ll be notifying you soon. Roughly one month before before the election, we will start to send email reminders to users who requested text and email updates when they signed up for TurboVote. Below is a picture of a reminder we sent to users in Oklahoma in 2014:

We will also send an accompanying text message with the same information. In addition to these reminders, we use text and email to send notifications in advance of registration and absentee ballot request deadlines and on election day with polling location information.

Partner Spotlight: Kennesaw State University
One of the most effective ways to spearhead voter outreach on your campus is to create original content that can be shared across social media channels and campus email. Kennesaw State University decided to make their very own TurboVote promotional video by including the Student Body President, Aaron Roberson, and the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Dr. Michael Sanseviro. Sometimes a fun, simple conversation about how TurboVote helps students register and receive reminders is all it takes to reach voters on your campus. If you have an idea or questions about how we can help you with outreach, feel free to email us at partnerships@turbovote.org.

Tips and Tools: Integrating TurboVote into Online Infrastructure
Building TurboVote into your existing online infrastructure and student tools is a very effective way to get students signed up for TurboVote. When students are presented with the opportunity to quickly sign up for TurboVote while they are already at a computer or on their smartphone, they’re much more likely to finish the process of registering to vote. You can easily incorporate this outreach into email, student portals, course pages, or even on-campus computer labs. If you haven’t already, you should check out the Voter Engagement Toolkit to find out more about how you can use these strategies with existing technology.

This week, I thought we’d include the Top 50 of total signups this year to give us a little bit more perspective. Every time we update these numbers, we get impressed all over again with the effort everyone is showing. There continues to be movement in all segments of the leaderboard, which just goes to show you a few days can make all the difference. Keep up the great work!

Leaderboard, Total Sign-ups, Sept. 30:

  1. SUNY Geneseo - 1188
  2. California Polytechnic State University - 1029
  3. Montclair State University - 876
  4. Boston College - 768
  5. Brigham Young University - 708
  6. Ivy Tech Community College - 659
  7. Kutztown University - 624
  8. The University of Chicago - 610
  9. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University - 589
  10. Case Western Reserve University - 525
  11. West Chester University - 466
  12. St. Petersburg College - 462
  13. Boise State University - 461
  14. Virginia Tech - 449
  15. DePaul University - 417
  16. Macomb Community College - 379
  17. Polk State College - 362
  18. Broward College - 338
  19. Elon University - 334
  20. The College of William & Mary - 333
  21. Miami Dade College - 313
  22. Stanford University - 294
  23. Fort Hays State University - 282
  24. Vassar College - 259
  25. Clarkson University - 250
  26. The College Hill Alliance/Mercer University - 247
  27. James Madison University - 231
  28. Salisbury University - 228
  29. University of Florida - 225
  30. Brown University - 224
  31. William Paterson University - 224
  32. University of Nevada, Reno - 222
  33. Lone Star College - 219
  34. Arizona State University - 206
  35. Seminole State College - 203
  36. Virginia Commonwealth University - 195
  37. Piedmont Virginia Community College - 193
  38. Drexel University - 181
  39. Hobart and William Smith Colleges - 178
  40. Seton Hall University - 177
  41. Northeastern Illinois University - 176
  42. The University of Denver - 167
  43. Clayton State University - 149
  44. Simpson College - 147
  45. Rollins College - 146
  46. Towson University - 142
  47. Palm Beach State College - 135
  48. The State University of New York at Brockport - 125
  49. Salt Lake Community College - 125
  50. University of Idaho - 123

What a great way to round out the month of September! Don’t forget, some states still have plenty of time before registration deadlines, so now is the time to redouble efforts to get as many students registered as possible. And before you know it, tests will be done for a while and you’ll be sitting down to eat all the cranberry sauce you can stomach. We’re so impressed by your dedication and ingenuity to engage your campus — keep up the great work!

Brandon Naylor
Director of Communications
Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote

Brandon Naylor