Can you register 800 students in one day?

I hope you had a great National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on Tuesday! This is a big week for us nerds in the civic engagement arena and we are so impressed by your efforts to register as many voters as possible, as evidenced by the leaderboards. Just because we built up to NVRD, though, doesn’t mean we can stop now. There is still plenty of time to arrange events and outreach to find even more students that haven’t yet registered to vote.

Partner Spotlight: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
If you need more proof that you can sign up large numbers of students at once, look no further than Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Annalee Akin, Office of Governmental Affairs student intern, and ASI Student Government leadership, identified student bottlenecks on campus, which are opportunities where students are gathered in one place, making it easier to sign up more people in a short period of time. The particular bottleneck they identified and focused on was campus move-in day. 30 trained volunteers from greek life, ASI Student Government, and campus political organizations all gave 5 minute speeches to approximately 5000 students who were attending campus move-in meetings to encourage them to become civically engaged. Volunteers asked questions about the number of votes it took to declare victory in the most recent mayoral and city council elections (approx. 9,000 and 5,000 respectively), then asked the number of students on campus (approx. 20,000). Volunteers used this to make the point that Cal Poly students could have a real voice in elections if they all voted at once, though it didn’t hurt that students with the correct answer received candy. After volunteer presentations, students were asked to get out their smartphones, tablets, and computers to sign up for TurboVote. As a result, Cal Poly signed up 800 students in one day, leapfrogging to the top of our leaderboards! What are similar bottlenecks on your campus? Can you organize something similar and beat Cal Poly’s single-day number? Be sure to check out the Voter Engagement Toolkit for tips and tools for reaching out around campus, as well as other partner success stories. If you have ideas or questions, feel free to get in touch with us at

New IT Grant Available
TurboVote is always searching for ways to make our online tools better and now you can help do just that. We’re happy to announce the creation of a new information technology grant that will help us discover the best ways to integrate with campus online infrastructures. Participating partner institutions will choose a campus project leader who will conduct a total of 10 interviews with people in identified key departments using a prepared questionnaire. The results will be gathered by our research team in order to prepare a report that will be shared with all of our partners in March. The total time commitment for our partners is expected to be around 25 hours and a $1,000 grant will be awarded to cover expenses. If your institution is interested in participating, please have your potential project leader fill out this brief survey by September 30th, 2015. If you have any questions, please feel free to email We think this is a really exciting opportunity and we hope you’ll consider participating.

There’s a lot of turnover in the leaderboards this week. We’ve got some new partners that have broken into the Top 25 and we’ve got some familiar names staying near the top. Impressive numbers all around...but I think we can do even better. Let’s see if we can shatter these numbers by the end of September!

Leaderboard, Total Sign-ups, Sept. 24:

  1. SUNY Geneseo - 1154
  2. California Polytechnic State University - 992
  3. Montclair State University - 721
  4. Boston College - 701
  5. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University - 579
  6. The University of Chicago - 559
  7. Ivy Tech Community College - 530
  8. Case Western Reserve University - 519
  9. Brigham Young University - 498
  10. Kutztown University - 482
  11. Boise State University - 444
  12. DePaul University - 408
  13. St. Petersburg College - 366
  14. Virginia Tech - 353
  15. Polk State College - 344
  16. Broward College - 335
  17. Macomb Community College - 324
  18. Miami Dade College - 312
  19. The College of William & Mary - 310
  20. Elon University - 296
  21. West Chester University - 284
  22. Fort Hays State University - 276
  23. Stanford University - 271
  24. Vassar College - 258
  25. Clarkson University - 243

Leaderboard, Sign-ups as a % of student population, Sept. 24:

  1. SUNY Geneseo - 20.97%
  2. Case Western Reserve University - 11.13%
  3. Vassar College - 10.42%
  4. The University of Chicago - 9.88%
  5. The Institute of Politics at Harvard University - 8.61%
  6. Simpson College - 8.35%
  7. Clarkson University - 7.81%
  8. Boston College - 7.75%
  9. Hastings College - 7.60%
  10. Rollins College - 7.51%
  11. Piedmont Virginia Community College - 6.42%
  12. Ringling College - 6.23%
  13. Hobart and William Smith Colleges - 6.00%
  14. Chatham University - 5.73%
  15. Kutztown University - 5.47%
  16. California Polytechnic State University - 5.29%
  17. Elon University - 5.29%
  18. The College Hill Alliance/Mercer University - 5.23%
  19. Polk State College - 5.09%
  20. The College of William & Mary - 4.94%
  21. Montclair State University - 4.67%
  22. Castleton State College - 4.11%
  23. Stanford University - 3.84%
  24. Bates College - 3.69%
  25. Adventist University of Health Sciences - 3.49%
  26. Brown University - 3.42%
  27. Middlebury College - 3.21%
  28. Seton Hall University - 3.01%
  29. Salisbury University - 2.85%
  30. Macomb Community College - 2.52%
  31. DePaul University - 2.48%

From me and the TurboVote partnerships team, I just want to thank you for all your efforts. These numbers are impressive and we love watching them grow each week. Let’s keep the momentum building and I’ll talk to you next week!

Brandon Naylor
Director of Communications
Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote

Brandon Naylor